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A Story of Humble Beginning and Growth:

New Life AG Church has a remarkable story of humble beginnings and steady growth. From a small prayer group established in 2003 in a family's living room, it has evolved into a thriving community. Guided by strong faith and unwavering prayers, the church witnessed a steady increase in its congregation, eventually moving to a dedicated worship space in Preston in 2012.

Throughout its journey, New Life AG Church has witnessed the abundant blessings of God. Countless prayers have been answered, wonders and miracles have unfolded, and numerous testimonies have been raised to the glory of God.

The church engages in a broad range of ministries catering to various needs within the community. From dedicated prayer groups for ladies and youth to Sunday school, cottage meetings, and fasting prayer chains, they offer opportunities for spiritual exploration and connection for individuals of all ages.

During the global pandemic, New Life AG Church demonstrated resilience and adaptability. They continued to foster fellowship through online prayer meetings and a daily church family prayer, offering a source of comfort and support during challenging times. As New Life AG Church enters the next chapter of its journey, it does so with a firm foundation of faith, a commitment to serving its community, and a vision for continued growth and expansion. It remains a beacon of hope and guidance, inviting individuals of all backgrounds to join its vibrant faith community.

New Life Pentecostal AG Church - Preston